Resilient Splendor

Maya Angelou once said that “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  I agree…

One of my goals is to share my private literature with the world in hopes that I can encourage and inspire someone in need.  Here goes…

Resilient is my favorite word.  It’s meaning resonates within my soul.  Being resilient is part of my essence, my fire, my core…but it is only a small part of the foundation of who I am…all that I am…Marcy!   Resilient:  “The ability to work with adversity in such a way that one comes through it unharmed, even better for the experience.  It means facing life’s difficulties with courage and patience, refusing to give up.”  Splendor is a great beauty, brightness or luster…something splendid.  I like to uphold myself as a resilient, splendid being…hence the tag “Resilient Splendor.”  For those of you that know me, you are familiar with some of the challenges I’ve met alongside life, so this may be repetitive to you.  The choice is yours to keep reading or not. But you should keep reading 😉  For those of you that don’t know me, or if you are looking for inspiration, I am a survivor.  A life survivor and a young breast cancer survivor…a survivor.  My name means “war like”, so I guess you can say that I was predestined to be a warrior…a warrior goddess to be exact.  You can compare me to the likes of Wonder Woman if you’d prefer, as she is an icon in my world.  My friends donated the legendary, branding of “Wonder Woman” to me after they witnessed life trying to knock me down and instead I embraced my resilience coming to light.  No one has ever seen us in the same room together so my claim to be Wonder Woman has yet to be refuted 😉

Before I get into details of random life events that have unleashed my resilience, I’ll share a little bit about myself.  I am love in action.  I am independently owned and operated by a brilliant light, guided by my essence and conviction that will birth realities I cannot yet see.  Graced with the ability to live both in the now and through memories embedded in my spirit, I acknowledge that I must have been born in the belly of a star.  That star was filtered in tenacious light ready for the unfolding of what life has prepared. My anchor point is to live in my strength and reflect when I am resisting the calling to surrender.  My intention in life is to let my energy heal (self and others) and create room for those I love to become what they envision, all while continuing to keep that same light shining on myself. The world seems bigger when you look through it with a broken heart, which I have done many times for many different losses and challenges…we all have. (In case no one has told you lately, I am proud of you for standing back up after life tried to knock you down!)  I am humbled that strength has blessed me to walk in my vulnerability, holding out my hand to this old friend.  I trust in something I cannot see, but it is something that I know.   I humbly carry this gigantic view of the world and embrace the beauty and love unfolding.   I am revising the belief that “time heals all wounds” and instead point out that it isn’t time alone that heals, it is your mindful participation with life during that time that actually heals.

I walked around the halls of my high school with a hand written message on my book bag that read “love with your heart, not your eyes.”  That message still rings true in my spirit.  I don’t like labels that society creates, so I prefer not to categorize myself as “straight, lesbian or bisexual”…I am an equal opportunity lover.  The energy  you exude will tell me all I need to know to spark a potential interest.  I appreciate the beauty in all gender and races. Love is love.

I am mama to my awesome pupson, Kaipo, a Siberian Husky, Lab mix.   I love to travel, laugh, be a friend with nature, learn, share and heal!  I am an artist, a reiki practitioner and I am fluent in the languages of Love and Sarcasm 🙂  Obviously there is so much more than this that has shaped me into this thirty something warrior goddess,  but this is just a snippet.   My family and friends keep me sane and the  unspoken knowing keeps me grounded.

There is too much war in the words of my silence, so I will continue to share my story by walking in my vulnerability, nurturing a stronger side of myself and hoping to inspire those open to receive it. I hope you will continue reading my story and sharing your own.